Thank you for you interest in our event. What we are looking to do is to bring the creative arts back to their intended purpose, to worship God. Secondly we are looking to help provide a stage for artists that wouldn't normally have one. We believe that the next great awakening will happen largely through the creative arts and we want to be a part of developing that in the Pittsburgh area.

We are crazy excited that the headlining worship artist that will close out the day's festivities is Kristene DiMarco of Jesus Culture. She has also agreed to do a small session with all of the participating artists before the event gets started in the morning after setup and before the gates open.

We are going to have live musical worship going on all day in the auditorium, and in the common space outside in the lobby and cafeteria we are creating an art gallery. In the gallery all day we will have acoustic acts performing as sort of background cafe style music.

We are now looking for painters, crafters, sculptors, musicians, or anyone involved in any sort of creative art to fill the event. If you, or someone you know is interested in participating, please follow the link below for the application.

Artist Application
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